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Mrs. Maria Valadez-Santoyo

510-487-1700 ext 60539


Mrs. Janelle Yuen

510-487-1700 ext 60258


Mrs. Mara Loth

510-487-1700 ext 60538

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  • Academic Tools / Resources
  • Mini Workshops
    • Your Child and Social Media
    • There are many social media sites and apps out there. In this workshop, we hope parents will learn some of these platforms and how students are using them. We hope you will learn strategies for encouraging your teen to be more responsible.
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  • Setting up your child for success
    • Other than the first three years of life, this is the grade span in which youngsters are most transformed. They enter middle school as children and leave as young adults.
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  • Understanding Your Middle Grader
    • The middle years are full of challenges. As children become teens, they display new attitudes and reactions that appear to come out of nowhere. While it may seem like your middle grader is misbehaving, these qualities are actually a natural part of growing up.
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  • Wellness Room